Analytical Technology Laboratory (ATL) is a commercial laboratory providing reliable testing and inspection services to wide-ranging industries to ensure product standards at all stages of the development cycle.

ATL has the expertise to test food and agriculture products, animal feeds, marine and aquaculture, textile, environment and water, among others.

Yes, our laboratory is recognized and approved by FSSAI, APEDA, EIC and The Tea Board of India for conducting various tests and evaluation services.

ATL, located in the South Indian city of Coimbatore, provides testing and inspection services to diverse industries located PAN India.

Businesses looking for reliable testing and inspection services can get in touch with us through our website https://atlabs.co.in/contact-us/ or forward an email to enquiry@atlabs.co.in.

Businesses can get in touch using the contact details displayed on our website: https://atlabs.co.in/contact-us/

Businesses need to ensure product consistency before marketing their products to prevent costly recalls or warranty claims, raising the need for routine quality control checks. While exporting products to other countries worldwide, product testing to ensure it satisfies the regulations of the respective country is mandatory, even with flawless product performance.

Businesses manufacturing medicines, processed food, electrical appliances, etc., mandatorily need to get their products tested or certified to satisfy the norms of regulatory bodies. But some businesses manufacturing furniture, stationery, etc., do not require testing/certifications.

In-house labs may not have the necessary expertise and can face challenges with multiple categories of product testing, whereas an independent testing lab provides reliable and unbiased results.

The sampling quantity and size vary depending on the testing parameters comprising the product type, the number of tests to be conducted, test type and testing approaches

Yes, all the testing procedures executed at the laboratories of ATL are well-documented and validated.

ATL maintains the necessary documentation of all testing and measuring instruments to establish traceability to national and international norms.

Testing approaches take time and can delay product launches, we can discuss them during the initial phase of discussions, and our experts at ATL can put in their best efforts to advance the testing process systematically to compensate for any testing delays.